5 vials of Melanotan 2 (5 vials, 5 syringes, 5 wipes, 2 waters)


Melanotan II is a natural product made from the melanocortin peptide hormone, alpha-melanocyte. Melanotan II is a revolutionary new sunless tanning peptide available in the market! Within days of the launch of Melanotan II, it became the biggest selling natural tanning product in the market. Melanotan II not only helps you achieve a perfect tan without having the need to step out in the sun but it also contains fat loss properties!

Apart from this, the biggest benefit that Melanotan II provides is an effective protection against skin cancer. Now you can get that tan with the help of Melanotan II all from the comfort of sitting in your home, or while working! Now achieving that perfect tan is just a click away.


Melanotan 2 vials are not labelled.




5 x Melanotan 2 10mg (5 vials)

5 x syringes

5 x wipes

2 x 5ml water




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