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What do i get in the 'Starter Kits' ?

We are the only site to supply you with 'everything' you need to complete the course you have purchased.  Other sites claim to be the cheapest but by the time you buy all the water, wipes and needles you need...........

How long will it take to work ?

It all depends on your skin type really, but you will see a difference from between week 1 and week 3, injecting every other day, with a sunbed session every 5 days to accelerate your tan.

What is the quality of your Melanotan 2 ?

Our Melanotan 2 is 99.09% pure

How much water do i need to mix in each vial ?

To keep it simple, we recommend 1ml of water in each vial.  This will then give you 10 injections of 0.1ml.

How often should i inject ?

Different sites say different things, but in our experience and from customer feedback, we recommend injecting every other day for your 'loading phase', and once a week for your 'maintenance phase'.

Are there any side effects using Melanotan 2 ?

Possible side effects could include flushing, nausea, heightened libido and a slight appetite suppressant.  We recommend injecting just before bedtime to avoid the possibility of these happening.

What Melanotan 'Starter Kit' would you recommend for me ?

It all depends on your skin type.  If you tan ok normally then we would recommend the 20mg Melanotan 2 Starter Kit.  If it normally takes you a while to tan then we recommend the 30mg Melanotan 2 Starter Kit to achieve your desired colour.

Where do i store my Melanotan 2 ?

In its unmixed form, you store it in the freezer.  When mixed with water you store it in the fridge.

Does it hurt to inject ?

No not at all.  We provide you with highest quality ultra fine syringes so as to cause no pain.

Do you do discounts for bulk orders ?

Yes of course.  We supply many salons and gyms who sell onto their customers.  Just email us your requirements and we will reply with our wholesale prices.

Where do you ship to ?

We have customers in many countries all around the world, and are adding new ones daily.